The Democrats have enough votes to pass the bailout plan without Republican participation – that’s what ‘controlling the congress’ means.

However, if they pass the bailout and it fails, they would be seen as the ones at fault. They haven’t got the gumption to do what they believe is right, even to save the country from a potential depression, without getting the Republicans on board to share the (potential) blame.

Democrats – putting politics above the welfare of the country. Again.

Just like Obama, now that I think about it, with his insistence on a debate at a time when the country is at risk. I believe he said something along the lines of “Call me if you need me – I’ve got a debate to prepare for”. Priorities.

And they are trying to put the blame on McCain for the hold-up. Let’s get this straight. McCain is not the hold-up, it’s the Democat’s fear of acting decisively and actually taking responsibility for something. If they had the guts, they’d get it done.



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  1. Brigid says:

    I am still chuckling over Barack Gun-Ban-O-Bama and the stuttering in the debate. Where’s a teleprompter when you need one.

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