Obama’s Community Organizing

This entry expands one topic in one of my earlier posts. Kudos to Stanley Kurtz for chasing this information down in spite of Obama’s attempts to hide, obfuscate, and smear him for doing the research.

Obama’s ‘community organizing’ was conducted in close association with Bill Ayers, the domestic terrorist. It’s also known as the Chicago Annenberg Challenge. While not breaking any laws, this activity was designed to politically indoctrinate school children into the radical political beliefs of Bill Ayers. This may not bother you, but it bothers me.

Additionally, the Obama campaign has gone to great lengths to prevent access to the records that back this data up, employing methods that are unsavory. That’s why this entry only now made it into my blog. NOTE the consistent use of smearing and character assassination being employed by the Obama campaign against any entity it perceives as hostile.

NEW data here! A very well done summary over at Powerline.

Isn’t it really interesting how this part of Obama’s executive experience didn’t make it into his two autobiographies?

I can see why he wanted to hide it.


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