Why the Attack on Sarah Palin?

Why is the attack on Sarah Palin so vicious?

I’ve been wondering about this ever since it started. The virulence of the attacks and smears has really surprised me. Reading the blogs and the news articles, you would think she had done something awful, but I really can’t see what it might be. From everything I’ve been able to find out, Palin has a nearly spotless record. From what is now known, the only possible contention of wrong-doing is the ‘troopergate’ issue, and I personally believe that she did no wrong there, either.

I’m not talking here about legitimate questions of experience or political views. I’m talking about why the reaction was so immediately nasty and vicious, when Palin is obviously such a nice, reasonable person. I mean, a lot of these reactions amount to hate, and you know most of these people have never even met her. Why so much hatefulness?

So what is the deal?

What follows is my own opinion / speculation.

Possibly, is it because Palin is Pro-Life? There are lots of women out there who have terminated their unborn children for reasons ranging from their convenience to not wanting to carry the child of a rape. I am pro-life, but for the purpose of this article I make no judgement here – if you’ve done this, it’s between you and God. But is there possibly a psychological back-lash because Palin has successfully raised a large family, including one baby with Down’s Syndrome?

After all, Sarah Palin is living proof that a woman can raise a big family, even with problems, be successful, and be happy doing it. ‘Wholesome’ is the word that comes to mind.

Maybe this leads to some guilt in the hearts of some women who have taken the easy way out, and aborted their own children? After all, nobody would like to be confronted with real evidence that they’ve just possibly done something horribly wrong.

There were 854,122 legal induced abortions in the US in 2003. That’s just one year! That is a whole lot of women who have irrevocably made choices, who might not want to see someone else show that there may have been a better way to go. I think some of the women (not ladies) on ‘The View’ certainly exhibited this fear.

What other reasons could there be?

Well, maybe it’s purely political. Those with a big investment in pushing Obama and the left-wing ticket would want to make Palin look bad. Some of this motivation has definitely been part of these attacks. Maybe it’s because those on the far left immediately recognized Palin as the threat she actually is, in terms of possibly taking some of the light off of Obama. You’ve got all these people who want to bring the far left viewpoint into a position of control of our government, and here’s Palin – proof that someone with beliefs antithetical to the Left can not only be a successful person, but be an effective political figure. And she clearly was a big setback to Obama.

Then there’s Palin’s other qualities. The fact is, Palin is a happy person with moral and Christian convictions, and those who want to promote a lifestyle antithetical to those convictions would want to bring her down. There is a strong anti-Christian agenda going on in the U.S. right now, especially amongst the gay and atheist communities, and maybe some of this is part of that. Somebody coming along that evidences a successful and happy Christian life might draw some fire. After all, those on the left want everyone to think that all Christians are cultists and prudes, that can’t possibly be happy, right? This is also the same bunch that pushes ‘separation of church and state’. They don’t want Christians running the country, even though our entire legal system and ethical foundation is based on Christian values.

I don’t know. I guess it could be a combination of all of the above. Any ideas?


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