Why I’m NOT Voting for Obama

I’m not 100% on board with McCain. There are a couple of issues on which I’m only partly in line with him. On the other hand, I have great respect for his record, and in general we have a similar morality matrix of beliefs. As far as Sarah Palin, I have not seen anything about her so far that I have a problem with, and I think she is exactly what we need in Washington – someone who can be objective about the mess.

One of the problems in our political system is that it really is an “old boy’s club“. It is difficult to get into, without joining the club of entrenched power brokers. Consequently, by the time a candidate is in the position to do anything useful, he/she already has too many ties which cannot be broken. Palin is now in a position to come in to power without going through the building of those relationships. This scares the crap out of the entrenched crowd. Especially Democrats.

Regarding Obama, there are so many reasons I think he is a bad idea, that I’m going to have to go back over my notes of the last months and enumerate them. Each of these will link either to my own blog article on that subject, or some other source article. Feel free to check my sources. In no particular order:

ADDED 9-22-08: Obama lies about McCain’s handling of Social Security – while quietly removing from his website the statement that he would not be willing to raise the retirement age. Flat lies, and a flip-plop.

Obama Acted Against the Interests of the United States – and commited a felony doing it. He should be prosecuted for this one. Attested to by the Iraqi foreign minister, and verified by Obama himself. WOOPS, I may have bad information on this one.

Obama is now trying to hang the current credit crisis on McCain and Bush, when in reality, the Democrats blocked Bush’s attempts five years ago, and McCain’s attempts 2 1/2 years ago, to stop this from happening. Not only that, but Obama has many ties to the people responsible for this fiasco – Fannie Mae’s CEO was in charge of finding his Vice President. Fannie Mae’s General Council is a senior advisor to Obama. So where’s that change you can count on?

Obama (or his campaign) has acted to suppress dissenting views, including organizing phone and email bombardment of talk show interviews of authors that have written books critical of Obama, and in one case Obama has tried to get a criminal prosecution going against those who disagree with him. Apparently it’s illegal to take pictures from a public sidewalk of Democrats leaving a meeting, too. Obama thinks like the Gestapo.

Information about how Obama has distorted his history and credentials. If he was applying for a job where I work and did this, he either wouldn’t get the job, or he’d be fired when it was discovered.

The media are in the tank for Obama, to the point that they lie and distort the truth an almost infinite variety of ways. The dishonesty of this approach really says a lot about the moral stance of the Democrats and the left in general.

Obama supports abortion. To the point that he has voted to allow living, breathing babies to die from lack of care if they were the result of a failed abortion. I personally find this so foul, so disgusting, so incredibly inhuman that this alone would make me vote against Obama. No distortion, no possible mistakeObama voted to support this.

Obama has pushed for about $740,000,000 worth of earmarks, including $1,000,000 for the hospital who at the time employed his wife. And where she received a very generous raise. This information is readily available on the web. McCain, on the other hand, has ZERO earmarks to his ‘credit’. And, yes, Palin did take advantage of some federal money. It’s not clear if it was earmark money. But, only members of congress can allocate earmarks – and Palin is not and has never been a member of congress.

Democrats have sandbagged every effort to solve the oil crisis. Even the measure that just got past the house is designed to minimize it, not to make it plentiful. Obama is on board with this one, too; although he flip-flopped once it became painfully obvious that the huge majority favor drilling now, and drilling everywhere. Obama even made a statement, when asked about it, that he would ”prefer that the rise in prices had not been so sudden.” (That may not be an exact quote). The Democrats don’t care that you have to pay a lot more for gas this year than last year.

Obama has played the race card at least four times that I know of. Obama apparently expected to get a lot of sympathy out of being black; he expected to make hay when somebody on the right picked on his race. When that didn’t happen, Obama tried to generate it himself. On four occasions, Obama accused the Republicans of INTENT to attack him on race; which simply has not happened. That says a lot about Obama – and the Republicans as well.

Obama wants a civilian version of the military that he could use for ‘national security’. Gestapo. If this doesn’t raise a flag as to Obama’s intent, well, it should.

Obama doesn’t think Iran is much of a threat. I think Obama is an idiot for saying that. So much for foreign policy experience, or even common sense. Obama also had a really weak response to Russia in it’s recent aggression in Georgia.

Obama does not support the Second Amendment. Oh, he says he does, but read the fine print and check his history – he has voted against personal gun ownership every time he’s had the opportunity to do so. And, yes, I do cling to my guns and my religion.

I don’t agree that foreign terrorists of any stripe deserve the protections of the United States Constitution. That is OUR constitution and our system of law and it should only apply as a protection to our legal citizens. The law even provides for losing those rights – such as a felon losing the right to own a firearm. Why should we give these rights for free to those who would destroy us?

Apparently, Obama has a bit of an anti-semitic streak in him. It was on his own website.

Obama has bad associations. He has associated with, and been heavily influenced by the domestic terrorist William Ayers, as well as some influential preachers that, by their own word, hate America to the point of damnation. Obama only disassociated himself with these people after some of the media started making noise about it. This fact shows his real values (black liberation theology). These were all OK with Obama up until the point that they might cause him political problems. It is now known that even his earliest mentor, Frank Davis, was a Communist Party member, a fact that the Obama campaign has tried to suppress and has only recently come to light. Tony Resco, convicted felon, was in some sort of questionable deal regarding Obama’s house. Obama MUST have soaked up a lot of the beliefs of all these people, even if he doesn’t consciously subscribe to them; but I suspect he does in fact subscribe to them, and simply won’t admit it because it would end his candidacy.

To reiterate that last paragraph – Obama is / was buddies with: A domestic terrorist who helped him kick off his career; not one, but two nut-ball preachers who profess to hate America; a father-figure who was a communist. A slum lord / convicted felon.

Some of the worst enemies of the United States have endorsed Obama.

As a general statement, taxes will go up – for everybody, not just rich people – if Obama is elected. The fact of the matter is that the Democrats want to spend more money – and all government income is eventually paid for by taxpayers. No matter how they structure taxes, it is eventually born by the American taxpayer. Oh, and Joe Biden wants us to pay more taxes.

As a general thing, I don’t much like the elitism demonstrated by Obama. Coming up with his own presidential seals, telling me and mine that we are so bitter that we cling to our religion and our guns, going over to Europe and campaigning over there. Hey, Obama – europeans don’t get to vote in our elections, and I really don’t give a rip what they think about it, either. Lots of stuff like that, all of which turns me off big time.

The fact that Obama has very little relevant experience is also a factor. And, yes, I think Palin has him beat there. And McCain has him beat enormously! Obama’s inexperience shows, even in the fact that he’s spent two weeks campaigning against Palin instead of McCain. Stupid!

I didn’t much care for his lipstick on a pig comment, either.

So, anyway, look it over and see what you think. Every one of these is verifiable all the way back to the source data. Every one of them is a valid reason to be concerned about Obama.

Taken all together, it’s overwhelming. Electing Obama would be a BAD IDEA.

And the left wants to hammer Sarah Palin, and can’t really find anything significant. I think they need to redirect their attention.

Amazingly, those on the left somehow can ignore all this, or justify it somehow, or else think this is normal behavior. Or possibly even approve of these things. Mind boggling. I probably didn’t get it all, either. This is just a 30 minute cruise through my notes.

Although I haven’t put it together yet, I strongly suspect a similar rundown on McCain and Palin would not turn up nearly so many questionable issues. Right off hand, I can’t think of but one or two things on that side of the fence that bothers me.


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