Email to my Son

Following is an excerpt of an email I sent to my son in New York:

Hi, Son;

Yeah, the left will try to make hay out of emails addressed to a couple of people in the government that she <Palin> knows.  They’re saying she used a private account for doing government work, and trying to make a stink about it.  There are a couple of points to make about it: first, did she actually conduct government business using that account?  I haven’t seen any evidence of that, other than that some emails were addressed to people who also are in the government.  Second, how big a deal is this anyway?  I suspect that nearly everybody does this sometimes.  For instance, I’m not in the government, but I have four different email accounts, three personal and one work.  Two of my personal accounts are fallow – I still receive them but I don’t use them for sending email anymore.  

This is about the nastiest election I’ve ever seen.  And it seems to me that the majority of the s**t is coming from the left, although to be fair I may be biased in the places I read about it.  What is surprising to me is the virulence of the attack on Palin.  I mean, she’s never done any major thing wrong in her life that I can see, and the left is trying to absolutely destroy her.  Why?  Because she’s more intrinsically likable than Obama.  When you get right down to it, that’s the cause, I think.  When Obama talks, you never get the feeling that he’s being really honest and forthcoming; when Palin talks, you tend to trust what she says, at least from what I’ve seen.

This election is a parting of the ways for this country.  More than any other election in my lifetime, we’ve come to the point of choosing ideologies with this one.  And I’m deeply troubled that around half the population of the country are being sucked in to giving away control of the country to a left-wing radical – Obama.  And that is exactly what he is.  

End Quote.

To continue the discussion begun above, I’d like to say this: The people that are so viciously attacking Sarah Palin, for the crime of having convictions, and living a moral life, and trying to be a positive influence in politics, have shown by the depravity and untruthfulness of their attacks just where their moral level is. That is to say, they are low-life.

If you’ve got to attack someone, do it with dignity and fairness. If you catch them actually doing something ethically wrong, or if you find evidence of incompetence, or if you find a history of unsavory associations which indicates a possible antithetical political belief – that’s fair game.

Breaking the law (hacking into email), outright lying, lying by cut & paste; distortion, slander, libel, dragging in the innocent and doing these things to them; slanting ‘news’ articles to your agenda; these are not fair game. If you are willing to use these tools, you are low-life, you have no sense of morality and fair play; you are scum of the earth, and you do not deserve to have a voice in this debate. I know my social equals, and you aren’t one of them.

Go play with the other kids and let us adults have an intelligent conversation.


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