Obama Acted Against the Interests of the U.S.

It turns out that when Obama was in Iraq, he tried to block the negotiations between the U.S. and Iraq on a status-of-forces agreement. This was attested to by the Iraqi Foreign Minister; and verified by Obama himself. Links are to Hot Air articles.

He tried to get the Iraq government to stop negotiations with the current administration, for political advantage. Obama wanted that deal to be made after he was elected president.

First, as a senator, Obama has no authority to negotiate with a foreign government.

Second, he acted against the interests of the United States – for political advantage.

Third, he did this in a time of war.

Forth, it is clear that he broke the law: the Logan Act, enacted in 1799, that prohibits unauthorized citizens from negotiating with foreign governments. This is a felony, punishable with imprisonment of up to three years.

Obama will do anything to get elected. And he thinks he is above the law.

When the Bush administration negotiates honestly with the Iraqi government to gracefully bring our troops home in a safe and responsible manner, Obama tries to sabotage the negotiations – because he wanted that feather to be in his cap, not George Bush’s.

How low can you go, Obama?

UPDATE: I may have had bad information on this one. I’ll keep watch and update again if necessary.


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  1. Java says:

    Obama mellow, he
    to Logan felony

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