About All These Bicyclists…

An observation about bicyclists: They have a hobby that annoys the uninvolved.

I live on a farm to market road in rural East Texas. I have on many occasions been delayed in traveling due to clumps of bicyclists who are much slower than a car, occupying an area of the road in which it is difficult to pass safely. Sometimes these areas last for miles.

On one notable occasion there was some sort of bicycle rally with hundreds of cyclists that completely blocked the highway I live on for hours. I got home by driving in the ditch a large part of the way. And I was seriously annoyed.

There was a sheriff’s deputy at one of the corners watching the proceedings, and I stopped and asked him if it was legal for them to block traffic like that; he responded with a sickly grin and said “I guess so…”. But I’m here to tell you that if I got out in the road and drove my car at 5 to 10 mph blocking traffic for ten miles, they’d darn well write me a ticket.

I have nothing against any particular bicyclist. But you people need to find a hobby that does not annoy the uninvolved. Or take your hobby somewhere that doesn’t shut down access for other people.


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