Drinking and Driving

I covered DWI as related to Jury Duty, but here’s some more things to think about. I did some more research, and found the national statistics. These cover from 1994 to 2006.

In 2006, the number of deaths from DWI nationally is 42,642. That’s a bit above average. Additionally, approximately 40 times that number were injured.

After averaging a few numbers, I came up with 42,219 deaths per year average in that 13 years. The total is 548,847. This number is significantly greater than the number of military deaths in World War II, as a comparison.

I found a reference for California that stated that 44% of offenders are repeat offenders.

Logically speaking, I would suggest that our legal system is not punishing first offenders severely enough. The statistics show that current efforts and methods are not resolving this problem – the numbers across the years stay about the same every year. If our current penalties were sufficiently dire as to give people pause before getting in a car, many of these dead people would still be alive.

In point of fact, the penalty for a first offense should be sufficient that very few people are willing to chance it.

Is there anybody out there that isn’t taken aback by these numbers?

Any judges or lawmakers out there listening?


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