About 55 mpg, I expect

Today I ordered one of these:


Click the pic to go to the Suzuki site. It should arrive in a couple of weeks. The dealer was out of stock. I expect that, on average, I can actually recoup the payments in the gas I’ll be saving. We’ll see how that goes. Obviously, as gas goes up the savings ratio does also. Of course, this ain’t my first rodeo. There’s going to be tires every 10000 miles, and chain & sprockets every so often, and I need to buy another helmet, but still. Unless I have lost count, this will be my tenth motorcycle.

Starting 1970 – Honda CL100 (yellow)
Kawasaki 750 H2 triple (two stroke – mine was blue)
Honda XL350 (looked like the first one on this page)
Honda CB500T (as in the picture)
Yamaha XT500 (similar to the DR650SE above) (couldn’t keep the Yamaha running)
Suzuki GS550 (only bike in this list bought used)
Honda Sabre 700 (as in the picture)
2006 Honda VT1100 (bright red)
2006 Honda Gold Wing (bright red)

A great many wonderful memories and a few near-death experiences go with these. I’m MUCH more conservative a rider than I used to be. I’m one of those strange people that will ride in any weather as long as there is no ice on the pavement.

In a way, I met my wife, and thus had my family, because of crashing a motorcycle. But that’s a story for another day.


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  1. J says:

    Two things…
    1) No more near death experiences, please
    2) How about a few of those near death experience stories?


  2. Hey, it’s been a year. How are you enjoying that ride? I just picked one up myself.

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